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Massage Therapy | Sandy Springs, GA Serving the Atlanta Area

We offer the Following types of Massage Therapy:


A therapeutic massage session using an intergraded combination of massage styles; designed to relieve muscle tension, aid in stabilization of blood pressure and blood sugar levels while calming the nervous system. An herbal heat pack and a custom blend of non-greasy, aromatic essential oils are used in addition to our balancing massage cream to enhance relaxation.

30 min – $45 60 min – $80 90 min – $120


A mixture of restorative massage techniques geared towards loosening stiff areas of the upper and lower back caused from over traveling and having to hold sitting postures for extended periods of time on planes or in automobiles. An herbal heating pack, a custom blend of non-greasy essential oils and/or a non-residue leaving sport cream will be used in addition to our balancing massage cream to increase muscle tension relief.

30 min – $45 60 min – $80 90 min – $120


A combination of manual muscle manipulation, stretching, and circulation stimulating techniques intended to release muscle spasms, break up knots and or scar tissue, and get movement back into overused, tight areas and joints of the body. Cold packs and or a non-residue leaving sport cream will be used to decrease inflammation in injured, sprained and strained areas. A deep muscle tension relieving hot pack may also be used in addition to our sport and massage cream.

30 min – $45 60 min – $80 90 min – $120

shutterstock_179958506Computer Tension Release

a massage therapy session specifically designed to release muscle tension and reverse contours in the neck, back and shoulders developed in holding postures over long periods of time and/or overuse from repetitive motions. An herbal heat pack, non-residue leaving sport cream and or non-greasy essential oils are combined with our balancing massage cream to help decrease inflammation and unlock overused sections of the back

30 min – $45 60 min – $80 90 min – $120


our prenatal specialized therapist will use a combination of therapeutic manipulations, for a full body massage focused on areas of compensation in the upper and lower back that have been overstressed and weakened during the pregnancy. An herbal heat pack, balancing massage cream and or the addition of our non-greasy essential oils may be used to increase relaxation. Our therapist is trained in massage for all terms of pregnancy that aid in creating an environment of homeostasis for mother and baby.

30 min – $55 60 min – $100 90 min – $150


this great and convenient way to rejuvenate individuals during the workday is administered while the client is clothed and seated in a specially designed chair. Lasting between 10 and 20 minutes. A Massage Therapist is focused on the neck, back, shoulders and arms with the intension of relaxation and improved circulation.

10 min – $20 15min – $25 20 min – $30