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Medical Asthetics Botox Injections

Botox® Cosmetic (derived from botulin toxin) is a remedy that provides effective results in reducing or completely fading wrinkles and other facial lines that are derived from stress, age and the environment. It is injected into the area in question and relaxes the facial muscles underneath the surface. Botox® Cosmetic is also used by plastic surgeons while performing face lifts or other cosmetic procedures.

Besides plastic surgeons, medical physicians in medical spa environments offer Botox® Cosmetic as one of its many services. Most people between the ages of 18-65 are candidates for the procedure, but doctors evaluate patients on an individual basis. Surprisingly, Botox® Cosmetic offers other benefits besides removing wrinkles and fine lines:

1. People who suffer from excessive sweating;
2. People who suffer from chronic migraine headaches;
3. People who suffer from chronic pain like fibromyalgia; and
4. People who experience muscle spasms.

What does a typical Botox® Cosmetic procedure look like? What will a patient experience? A doctor, nurse or experienced medical assistant will ask the patient to contract his or her muscles to determine the spot for the first injection. Since the procedure is so quick, the patient does not need anesthesia. However, the doctor may use antibiotic cream to numb the area should the patient be overly sensitive to pain. The injection portion of the session usually lasts no more than ten minutes, and its effects will last up to four months.

With any medical procedure, there are always side effects to consider. Some of those side effects are as follows:

* Allergic reaction;
* Mild tingling or numbness in area where injection was done;
* No improvement;
* Temporary headaches; and
* Temporary nausea

To find out if Botox® Cosmetic is a right fit for you, check with your local doctor and discuss your personal situation.