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Medical Weight Loss Ultrasonic Cavitation

In today’s world, people desire to look and feel their very best. We eat the right foods, get plenty of rest and exercise several times a week. However, doctors and scientists are constantly developing new medical technologies that can assist people with their weight loss and health-related goals. One of these new technologies is known as Ultrasonic Cavitation (also known as Ultrasound Liposuction, Cavitation, Ultra Cavitation, Body Sculpting or Body Contouring).

Ultrasonic Cavitation has become an attractive alternative to other fat-reducing procedures because it is completely non-surgical. No scalpels or anesthesia is used, and clients do not experience any hospital stays.

Ultrasonic Cavitation utilizes low frequency sound waves and targets only the fat cells in various areas of the body. Specifically, these sound waves cause the targeted fat cells to leak their contents into the body’s fluid spaces. The body then takes the material from the fat cells and allows it to be processed by the liver. That waste material will then leave the body via sweat and normal “bodily functions.”

Besides being a non-surgical event, what are some of the other benefits of Ultrasonic Cavitation?

* Completely painless before and after the procedure;
* No bruising;
* Increased energy;
* Some noticeable results even after the first procedure, but more procedures are necessary to see significant results; and
* No time off needed for recuperation.

Those who perform this procedure report that Ultrasound Cavitation has successful results on the buttocks, abdomen, upper arms, inner knees, and thighs. Clients may experience a slight redness after the procedure, but any redness will dissipate quickly.

Ultrasound Cavitation is a great procedure for those who need to lose a moderate amount of weight, but the experts strongly recommended that clients also maintain a healthy diet and daily exercise in order to keep excess weight at bay.

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