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2 Column Page

Instructions for 2 Columns:

To make something like this, click on “Shortcodes” on the left side menu and then “Examples”.  Then click on “Column Layouts” and pick which layout you like the most. Then click on “Get the code” and copy the code. Now create or edit a page and inside the visual place the code inside the text area. It works the same way as the other codes you used for toggles in FAQ. You just place content, text or picture between each [ code] [/code].

You could also use this page and copy code from here. To add pictures , you just click on “Add Media” button above text editor and upload or pick image and then click insert. Once inserted, you can adjust picture position by clicking on it and you will get little menu with positions. To adjust picture size, you can click on “Text” above text editor in far right corner and change sizes of the picture in the code: width=”300″ height=”226″. You could also specify preset size and position when you pick a picture from “Add Media” before inserting it. Attributes for size and position are above “Insert into page” button.